Zoë’s teaching feels very human and connected - reminding us that our fundamental human experience involves exploring the body as a ‘lived in’ thing, not merely a shape-making machine. Her sincere embodied curiosity is infectious. Zoë’s knowledge base is clearly vast but her approach is gentle, allowing me to have a sense of ‘discovering principles’ myself. After three days of class I feel wonderful in body and soul, and can’t wait for more. Take any chance you have to experience Axis Syllabus though Zoë’s energy - you will feel alive.
— Matt Mulligan, performer and choreographer
I don’t think I fully realised til I spent a week thinking about it how profoundly useful to this workshop was. I can’t recommend it highly enough, in the last I have gone to a physio for a quick fix or some done generic exercises, but knowledge of your knees is power! Me and my right knee are very excited about our new relationship and future together. Thanks so much Zoë”
— Dr Saul Albert, swing dance teacher
I enjoyed Zoë’s movement improvisation workshop immensely. She created a safe space for everyone in the group to play and explore the energy of the area, and of their bodies. Zoë’s session was innovative, flexible, but most of all joyful.
— Alisdair Sim, Chef and organiser Cosmic Tribe sustainability festival